We like to enjoy the process in developing your website, that’s why we’ve simplified your design to a 7 step process.

Here we find all the key elements of your site to help get the development process underway and keep it as simple as possible for you!

Our 7 Step Process is as follows:

  1. Define The Purpose of Your Site – why do you want a website, how will you use it, what is it’s main aim?
  2. Identify Your Target Market – who are you selling to, what are their needs, how are you going to fulfill them?
  3. Conduct A Competition Survey – who are your competitors, what do their sites look like, how will you compare?
  4. Define The Features of Your Site – do you require photos, contact forms, auto-responders, site search, flash etc?
  5. Identify Relevant Keywords – what do your clients search for, what keywords are they entering when looking for your product or service?
  6. Develop A 1 Page Summary – this will help us pick up any mistakes or in-congruencies before we begin design, it will make for a smoother and more professional website as an end result
  7. Create Your Site – now we put it all together, bring in all the elements and begin design