Is Your Site SEO Friendly?

All of our web site’s are created around Google’s requirements for a Search Engine Friendly Page.

You may not realise that a lot of web sites that are created are not created for the easy use and navigation of a customer or search engine.

Note that this isn’t done on purpose, it is just simply not known by many designers and therefore overlooked.

Google suggests some guidelines to webmasters on what they look for when ranking web sites, it’s not rocket science, you simply need to adhere to their guidelines and make the most of your web site. Here are some of them:

  • Give visitors the information they are looking for
    Search Engines love high-quality content on pages, especially your home page, this is one of the single most important things to do, don’t make your home page full of flash because the search engines won’t be able to read it
  • Make sure that other sites link to yours
    Google especially measures the rank of a website by how many external websites are linking to yours, it’s look on as a voting system, the more votes you get, the higher you’ll be placed
  • Make your site easily accessible
    Building your site with a logical link structure – every page should be reachable from at least one static text link – this makes it easy for the user and search engines. Complicated linking structures make it hard for everyone to use
  • Avoid cloaking, crawler only pages or deceptive SEO (search engine optimization) strategies
    You’d be surprised how many ‘black hat’ tricks are out there to increase search engine ranking. To put it plainly, it’s not worth the risk. If Google discovers you, your site will be banned and you’ll have a hard time getting back into Google at all!

For a full list of recommendations by Google you can follow the below link:

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