The Website Development Process

The steps we take to creating your website

How The Website Development Process Works

We take great care when developing your web site, taking extra care to cover every essential angle in the set up. This ensures you have a fully functional Search Engine Friendly site that will be easy for everyone to use.

We take the time to talk with you, discover your (and your clients) needs and then begin creation.

Our 7 Step Process is as follows:

  1. Define The Purpose of Your Site – why do you want a website, how will you use it, what is it’s main aim?
  2. Identify Your Target Market – who are you selling to, what are their needs, how are you going to fulfill them?
  3. Conduct A Competition Survey – who are your competitors, what do their sites look like, how will you compare?
  4. Define The Features of Your Site – do you require photos, contact forms, auto-responders, site search, flash etc?
  5. Identify Relevant Keywords – what do your clients search for, what keywords are they entering when looking for your product or service?
  6. Develop A 1 Page Summary – this will help us pick up any mistakes or in-congruencies before we begin design, it will make for a smoother and more professional website as an end result
  7. Create Your Site – now we put it all together, bring in all the elements and begin design

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