Wordpress Management

Keep your site updated, secure & protected... and you don't even need to lift a finger!

Why is it important to keep your WordPress site regularly updated and squeaky clean?

74.6 Million sites rely on WordPress for their CMS these days, which is great because it means WordPress is heavliy supported… however, it also leaves us wide open for hackers to jump on any vulnerability that hasn’t been patched.

Have a WordPress Management plan in place will help protect you against this. As a minimum, keeping your theme, plugins and core software updated is a must to securing your site. 

Affordable management plans have been put together to cover any need you may have. Here’s what we can do for you!


Managed WordPress Updates

This means keeping all plugins, software and themes up to date

Offsite Secure Backups

If your site does get hacked, never fear! An offsite backup can be restored in minutes to keep you up and running


Website Security Scanning

Find potentials issues and stop them before they become a problem.


FREE SSL Certificate

Protect your browsing customers with a FREE SSL Certificate… Did you know Google is now penalising sites that do not use these?

Database Optmisation

As your website grows it can get slowed down by redundant ‘backend’ code. We keep this clean and optimised which means a more efficient website.


Spam & Post Revision Clean Up

Did you know even if you have comments turned off your site can build up spam comments in the backend? This again contributes to keeping your site clean and efficient.

Website Speed & Performance Scans

Digging deep into your website to find out what’s slowing you up. Supported with a report to let you know exactly why your website is slow and how we can fix it.

Uptime Monitoring

We’ll be notified immediately if your site goes down so we can get you back online ASAP.

Discounted Hourly Rate

Receive up to 10% discount on any website or graphic work, including full website redesigns. (on selected plans)


Unlimited Small Jobs

Receive an unlimited amount of small 20 minute jobs** each month. (click for more info)

Bonus FREE Website Hosting

Need your website hosted? No problem we’ll include this for FREE.

* FREE SSL Certificate for ‘Bare Essentials’ includes Domain Validated Comodo issued certificate via cPanel AutoSSL. ‘Safe & Secure’ includes CA issued Domain Valided SSL Certificate. ‘Vaulted, Fast & Efficient’ includes Organisation Validated certificate issued by Comodo. This is a longer process to issue as requires validation of Organisation first.

**Small Jobs include the following: WordPress theme customisations, content changes, bug fixes, installing plugins, adding an optin form, optimising images, setting up Google Analytics, or other small 20 minute jobs. This does not include major graphics changes, redesigns, developing new pages etc. For larger jobs you will receive your 10% discount off final bill for any work.